Thursday, December 5, 2013

Welcome post and link to syllabus

This is a blog for ISI 5162, Global Communication and Information Policy, a class at the École des sciences de l'information / School of Information Studies, Université d'Ottawa / University of Ottawa, Winter 2014.

The class syllabus is now available here.

Note that the class will be held Tuesdays beginning Jan. 7, 17:30 - 20:30, THN 133 (Thompson Residence). An early draft of the syllabus had an incorrect date and location.

If you're finished with your fall classes and can't wait to get started - why not check out the December 2013 issue of Feliciter on International Libraries for some inspiration for your case study? And/or come to the AESISSA potluck on Sunday, December 8th with a new or gently used book for the Children's Book Bank - and/or sign up for Librarians Without Borders or the Prison de Hull project!

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